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Associate M&A Advisor


Leia comes to Blue Sky Resources as an Associate M&A Advisor focusing on innovation, strategic development, and expansion. Her passion for reengineering processes will be used to improve partner and client relations.


Prior to joining Blue Sky, Leia exited retail as a general manager and transitioned to FinTech. After spending over half a decade learning the ins-and-outs of running a FinTech at Apex Clearing Corporation, she shifted gears and dove into Digital Marketing expanding her repertoire. Regardless of the industry, Leia is known for inspiring innovation, driving culture, and developing lasting relationships. Leia’s diverse experience gives her the insight to bring about innovation that pushes the boundaries of what is possible.


When Leia is not working, learning, or volunteering, she enjoys spending her time exploring the Rockies with her husband and their shibador, engaging with family, and trying her hand at new cooking cuisines and dishes. She has an affinity for adventure, fellowship, and life.

Leia enjoys providing exceptional service to and building lasting relationships with each one of her clients.  Whether you need support with your business or other sensitive matters, Leia will be there.

Areas of Speciality

Business Process & Strategies